Revolutionary Wind Turbine Makes Wind Energy More Appealing to Homeowners

WT6500There are a few reasons why wind energy has never been popular with home owners. Two of the major reasons are the noise that personal turbines produce as well as its inefficiency.  The noise is produced by the central generator which requires strong winds to create current.  The blades also do not move very fast which means that less power is produced.

The Honeywell Wheel-shaped WT6500 wind turbine created by WindTronics has totally revolutionized the way personal turbines work.  This is because this new design doesn’t feature a heavy central generator. Instead, the wind turbine has magnets close to the tips of the blades that attract current even as slow as 2 miles.

The design of the wind turbine makes it quite suitable for home use.  The circumference is only 6 ft and it is also very quiet.  Probably the greatest thing about Honeywell’s wind turbine is that it can produce enough power to replace the average householder’s energy bill by approximately 15 percent.

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