New York’s Green Landscape

Green LandscapingGreen landscaping is a growing environmental practice. In New York City, many urban landscapers are looking for ways to lower their negative environmental impact. Green landscaping is a huge way to contribute positively to the environment by harvesting rainwater, growing native plant species, and fertilizing soil with compost.

These are things that most home landscapers and gardeners can get involved in and will transform New York City into a greener space. Drip irrigation systems is an easy way to reduce water usage and to contribute to greener and healthier landscapes. Planting native species is a way to give the ecological environment more variety and to encourage the flourishing of wildlife. Composting is a way to cut down on waste reduction and nourish your plants and landscape with the waste, rather than contributing to landfills. These practices are easy and have very positive impacts on the environment, and will also help New York to become a greener place.