Conduct a Bit of Research Before Investing in a Wind Turbine

wind turbine energy Despite the enormous cost associated with wind turbines, people are still interested in getting them.  Wind turbines can help to significantly reduce the cost of your electricity bills.  However, since these machines are powered by the wind, you should do some research to find out if you would benefit from having one before you run off to get one installed.

Kathleen O’Donnell, who is an architect, thought that she would benefit from having a wind turbine and had one installed in 2009.  She has yet to glean any savings from the $15,000 investment, as the wind turbine is not generating any energy even though there are wind currents in the area that she lives.

President and founder of Windfree, Doug Snower purchased a wind turbine for $5,000 in 2009 and installed it in his home. It works quite fine and he saves $120 on a yearly basis.  If you install a wind turbine that actually does work, you can derive some amount of savings, though your expectations should be held in check.


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