Sun Number Pioneers New Technology To Assist In Determining The Viability of Solar Energy

neighborhhod of solar panelsHome owners and solar panel installers will soon be able to use web based tools and data bases provided by Sun Number to determine if rooftop solar energy is viable in their area.  The web based tool was developed by the Chief Technology Officer, Ryan Miller and utilizes 3-D analytics to get a snapshot of the landscape. The 3-D model captures the roofing characteristics, shading from buildings and vegetation and other factors that impact local solar conditions.

Eight metropolitan regions consisting of 7.5 million properties have already been given a solar potential rating. Homeowners in these areas can visit and type in their address to see the solar potential score for their roof top. Scores above 70 are viable for solar panels.  Solar installers will also soon benefit from the development of tools that will screen out homes with a low solar potential.


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