Residential Wind Turbines in Hudson Highlands

wind turbine fore your homeRenewable energy systems can play a great role within our communities. Compared to non renewable sources of energy such as natural gas, coal and oil, renewable energy sources are far cleaner, efficient and also more reliable. If we continue to rely on non-renewable sources of energy, it will ultimately lead to detriment of our environment.

We can all play a role in reducing consumption levels of fossil fuel by not only generating renewable energy, but also by conserving energy. Some of the ways we can conserve energy are by sealing leaks, installing better insulation, car pooling, and switching to suppliers of green energy.

Wind production in Hudson Highlands has not been cost effective due to the low and unreliable wind currents in the area. However, the viability of wind energy can be increased if wind turbines are elevated high enough. Although there are some disadvantages to having wind turbines, they can be minimized by placing them well away from neighbors and avoiding major avian fly-aways.

Learn more about residential wind turbines in the Hudson area.


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